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President Awarded "2015 Favorite President among University
时间: 2016-01-16 08:04:00

President Jiang Chunlan Awarded "2015 Favorite President among University Students”

   Date: Jan.19, 2016
On the morning of January 17, the award ceremony and forum of "2015 Favorite President among University Students" was held in National Academy of Education Administration (NAEA). It was sponsored by China Association of Higher Education (CAHE) and Chinese Youth Daily. Qu Zhenyuan, president of CAHE, Zhang Kun, secretary, president and editor in chief of the Chinese Youth Daily and others attended the ceremony. Jiang Chunlan, president of HNU, was awarded the title "2015 Favorite President among University Students".
In the ceremony, Kang Kai, the secretary-general of CAHE, read the list of winners。 Forty eight university presidents, including President Chen Jun of Nanjing University, President Zhu Chongshi of Xiamen University, President Zheng Qiang of Guizhou University were awarded "2015 Favorite President among University Students"。 President Jang Chunlan of HNU was on the list。
The macro-video creative team from HNU was awarded "the best team of original macro-video production" formed by Ding Lei, Li Yanan, Xie Wentong and other students。
The event also collected manuscripts on the theme "How to Be a Good President" from university presidents in the form of "Presidents Forum"。 President Jang Chunlan submitted his article "Students Are the Root of University Existence & Development", in which he shared his ideas of training and educating students from the aspects of "leading the development direction for students", "respecting the principle status of students" and "sticking to the conception of creative development"。
The event was jointly sponsored by CAHE and Chinese Youth Daily. The relevant departments of Ministry of Education provided some support. It aimed to promote quality-oriented education, to be student-oriented, to care about students, to enrich the campus culture of university and to build a harmonious teacher-student relationship. Since the start in June 2015, it has received a strong response from over a hundred universities. Through the students’ self-chosen, video production, students’ votes, qualification examination, expect review and cyber publicity, the last list was determined.

President Jiang Chunlan and the student delegation of the macro-video production team take a photo
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